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In the scenario of driving 21st century forward by contributing to the digital society with a whole year’s work at an unbelievably low price,

the SocialMedia driven App Developer is setup with typical:

  • Conversion Rates – Twitter / Facebook to Website Visitors,
  • Conversion Rates – Website Visitors to Downloads
  • Conversion Rates – Downloads to Sales
  • Total Cost, Revenue, Income, Net Profit, and Total Downloads.

Downloads from App Stores and 3rd party Freeware or Shareware Websites are considered, as well. All that is counted together by our application over time.

All Input Parameters allow you to estimate their development over time.

Our free Startup Product Calculator, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.

Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competitions.

Release Notes.

Detailed Information.

Online Documentation and Reference Manual.

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

SocialMedia driven App Developer v2.0, Light UI Theme.

SocialMedia driven App Developer


Our free App Developer Simulation, with a forecast module based on System Dynamics.

Softpedia 100 No Spyware Award

Softpedia Award for a 100% adware and spyware-free download!

We develop a standalone client, here:
no Adware, no Spyware, no Server. Small. Precise. Pure. and Safe.

No data gathering, no adware. It’s your business, not ours. We respect that.
App Developer is the ultimative Dynamic Application. We provide our own predictor.

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Daily beta on dynamic-apps.eu, our Treasure Island, for free. You’re testing: it’s free. We’re following a customer-driven, agile development approach with 2-4 week cycles. Beat us for everything not exactly perfect on Twitter, next two weeks. 24/7.

SocialMedia driven App Developer includes a free 1-year license for everyone.
Unlimited License for crowdfunding the Windows 10 App, including unlimited upgrades.

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SocialMedia driven App Developer v2.0, Dark UI Theme.
App Developer v2.0: ToolTips for Input and Target values, including all formula.

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